Take Your Audience on Immersive Space Adventures

Alice Space is a complete, multi-user, free-roaming, interactive outer space experience designed for museums, science centers, and edutainment venues. Alice Space is a long-term turnkey solution with included maintenance and bi-annual delivery of new jaw-dropping episodic content that takes your audience on a journey through space.

Join Us as we Conquer New Frontiers

Be one of the first pioneers of top tier VR experiences. Virtual Reality as a medium is growing rapidly. New innovations in medicine, industry, education, and entertainment are being made everyday. How is the average consumer going to be able to enjoy some of the great content that the community is making? Our vision is to make premium VR experiences available to more people.

Seventy Square Meters of VR Experience Space

Let your customers discover our mixed reality space with plenty of room to engage and interact with the people and objects around them. With a tracking space of 7m x 10m (23x33ft), Alice Space is designed to fit in standard commercial venues with inter-column bracing of 7m to 8m while optimizing the volume and number of individuals who can comfortably experience VR in that space.

Six Players Per Session With Continuous Play

Alice Space is conceived to accommodate up to six players at a time and with minimal interruption between each session. With sessions designed to last 10-15 minutes with a five-minute reset between each group, Alice Space provides all the equipment to deliver up to three sessions per hour — with the added flexibility to increase or decrease length of play.

A Real Mixed Reality Experience

Go beyond the virtual and experience true immersion as you interact with the physical objects around you. Alice Space uses real props that are mapped into the virtual world to further detach players’ consciousness from reality and fully convince them of the illusion of being on another planet.

Motion Sickness-Free Zone

Using our proprietary hybrid inertial/optical tracking solution, Alice Space is a motion sickness-free zone. Accurate and low latency tracking and rendering delivers a comfortable experience for your guests and allows them to fully immerse themselves in the virtual worlds we have created for them.

New Space Adventures Twice a Year

With our exclusive partnership with Opaque Space, new and updated content will be delivered to you twice a year. Opaque Space in collaboration with NASA is working on authentic educational and mind-blowing experiences that will transport you to the Moon, Mars, Europa and beyond — adventures that will keep attracting new audiences and keep your venue fresh.

Edutainment for the Whole Family

Alice Space is an educational experience designed to cater to the whole family. With content developed in collaboration with NASA and other international space agencies, our goal is to deliver collaborative out-of-this-world experiences friends and families can enjoy together.

Equipment Redundancy for Uninterrupted Operation

Alice Space is a complete software/hardware/support turnkey package created for commercial operations. Consequently, although the standard Alice Space sessions can only accommodate six players at a time, the package includes up to 18 backpack/HMD kits. This allows for efficient back-to-back operations of groups and provides for full redundancy in case of equipment breakdown.

$199,000 + $6,000/month

Alice Space is a turnkey solution with simple pricing. For $199,000 you get all the tracking hardware including up to 18 backpack PCs and HMDs. Then you only pay a $6,000/monthly license and maintenance fee which gives you support and new exclusive content twice a year. With a recommended ticket price of $15-$20, venues running at 70% capacity will pay off their investment in year one and make a six-digit profit by year two.

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“Very impressive! The realism is great and the tracking is very good. It felt as if I was really in a space suit and I was really there. Great stuff.”

Brian Swalwell
Odyssey Armament Training System

"That was an incredible experience. Everything seemed so real, like actually being on the moon! It was something unforgettable, and we can see how Alice Space would be a terrific solution for educating in a fun and interactive way.”

Kevin & Kelly Smith
Middle School Teachers

“Wow! I mean that felt like I was there. What impressed me most was how beautiful everything was. There was enough there to get an idea that I could interact with the environment and that was pretty cool.”

Elgin Ayson
Engineering & Computer Simulations, Orlando

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